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the art of ease

understated style comes naturally.

artistic and thoughtful

using unstructured shapes, interesting textures and natural fabrics,
Pure Jill is defined by simple styles, artful details and soft finishes.

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design inspiration

inspired by nature, Pure Jill is a wonderfully easy way of dressing.
its style approach gives you the relaxed feel of a Sunday morning.

color palette

harmonious, sophisticated and botanical.

Pure Jill Indigo

this rich blue reflects the best in nature, and these styles
become softer the more you wear them.

Pure Jill Fit

designed for doing whatever fills your life with energy and wellness.
these are the styles for doing what makes you happy.

Pure Jill shoes & accessories

artful accents create a sense of discovery. timeless designs with
a focus on quality and supple, soft materials.

why we love Pure Jill

inspired by nature, feel-good fabrics are the foundation of Pure Jill.
every style feels as wonderful on the inside as it does on the outside.

our Pure Jill accessories are designed for a one-of-a-kind feel.