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Our Hero Piece: The Tunic

Tunics from J.Jill's past and present

Tunics top our list of forever-favorite styles. They’re comfortable and offer more coverage than most blouses and shirts. Plus, they’re easy to dress up or down and look great with all types of pants, jeans and skirts. They’re the epitome of J.Jill style and such a part of who we are. We’ve designated March 16 as National Tunics Day—a new “holiday” to celebrate the superstar of our wardrobes.

As much as we love tunics, we can’t take credit for inventing them. While it’s widely believed they originated in ancient Syria, gained popularity along its trade routes and got their current name from the Latin word ‘tunica,’ there’s also evidence that ancient Aztecs, Incas and Mayans wore them. Initially, a tunic was a simple garment consisting of a rectangular piece of fabric with a hole cut in the center for the head, but we can thank ancient Egyptians for sewing the sides together to create short sleeves.

Tunics have come a long way over the years, and we’ve done our part in helping their evolution and making them indispensable to your wardrobe. You’ve also done your part to make them consistent best sellers. We’re pretty sure this means you love them as much as we do! To celebrate our mutual tunic affection, we’ve created a dedicated tunic shop for you to find all our tunics in one place. Designed in a variety of shapes, textures and fabric treatments, here are just a few of our newest stand-out styles and our favorite ways to wear them.

Shop our Cable Stitched Sweater Tunic

A Little Casual

A sweater tunic paired with jeans is the perfect choice for breezy spring days. It has a laid-back, wear-any-and-everywhere appeal that feels as great as it looks.

Shop our Pure Jill Knit O.G.C. Over-Dyed Seamed Tunic Shop our Wearever Button-Front Long-Line Tunic

Everyday Knits

Knit tunics are the most versatile and comfortable of all our tunics. We designed one in our new O.G.C. (organically grown cotton) fabric and another with a button front and pockets. Each offers multiple outfit options, but our Wearever button-front longline tunic can also be layered and worn as a jacket.