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What We Love Now: Reimagined Classics

Adjusting to new notions of normal has given us a greater appreciation for timeless style. At the moment, we’ve got our eye on the frontier-inspired feel of classic Americana and the nonchalant chic of French Deauville. That’s why they’re what we love now, and here are some of our favorite fresh takes on styles with staying power.

French Style, S’il Vous Plaît

A stripes-and-trench or blazer-and-tee outfit always looks casual, yet elevated. They’re the epitome of “French girl” style. We updated them by mixing the stripe widths on the top, making the coat reversible and adding a touch of stretch to the blazer for more ease of movement. Adding a scarf is a très chic way to tie your look together.

A floral top is a refreshing addition to any outfit, and ours is even more so with the addition of stripes. It’s feminine with a traditional air and a modern twist.

Inspired by a Pioneering Spirit

Durable, versatile and always comfortable, denim is a key fabric in American style, and it’s one of our favorites for every season. For the current collection, we dip-dyed the classic button-front shirt and gave it a longer length, and we designed jeans with wide cuffs and a frayed hemline for contemporary takes on wardrobe staples. We also added floral tops and accessories in warm, earthen-inspired colors for a rustic finish.