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Fit in the New Year

If 2020 reaffirmed anything, it was that our health—both physical and mental—is everything. As we start 2021, our associates share what their nontraditional fitness resolutions are, in hopes of inspiring you to make your own. From walks to paddleboarding to family bocce, our new Fit styles are sure to keep you looking your best while you work on feeling your best.
Happy (Fit) New Year!

“I’m going to change how I socialize.”

Kim Jackson

Senior Director, Creative Merchandising

Last year, “normal activities” came to a halt. Brunching and coffee dates were no longer options, so my friends and I started meeting regularly for socially distanced walks outside with our dogs. Our 30-minute walks quickly increased to 90-minute walks. Then we added tennis and paddleboarding to our socially distanced social calendars. It felt so good to be outside and moving! And it felt even better to be with friends. It was beneficial not only for our physical health, but our mental well-being too. In 2021, I’m taking outdoor socializing to new levels—we can still connect, we just need to be a little more creative in how we do it and be sure to dress the part!

“I’m taking time to enjoy life’s little moments.”

Heather McKenna

Senior Director, Brand Marketing

I want to focus on not only my physical health—I’m an avid runner—but on my overall well-being. And to me, that means spending time with my family creating joy every day. It sounds so simple, but unless you make an intentional practice out of taking a morning or evening walk, or “stopping to smell the roses,” you can easily get caught up in whatever is going on around you. There are so many small moments that we just let pass by—I don’t want to miss the small moments anymore. I want to recognize and enjoy the little things and focus on appreciating all I have around me.

“I’m focused on staying positive and grateful for my health.”

Tina Hagerty

Corporate Communications Manager

This year, I’m focused on simply being grateful that I’m healthy and have access to beautiful outdoor spaces and the internet. For long walks, I’m close to the beach and only a short distance to wooded hiking trails. I’ve embraced remote fitness classes and absolutely love YouTube’s “Yoga with Adrienne.” Late-night family bocce keeps me moving—and smiling. And I really think smiling is good for your health! All these things, and workout clothes I feel good in, help me stay positive and keep my body active.