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5-Minute Fall Makeup Tips

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We all have times when we need to look our best in a flash, whether for last-minute online meetings or for mornings when we hit the snooze button a few extra times. J.Jill’s clothing has always been designed to take the guesswork out of creating great outfits, and in that spirit, we want to help make your entire preparation routine easier. That’s why we asked April Graeves, one of our favorite beauty experts, for a quick makeup tutorial on accentuating your natural beauty with fall makeup looks in five minutes or less.

Tip One: Start at the Base

Caring for your skin properly is the key to putting your best face forward with or without makeup. April suggests frequent overnight masks so your skin is always refreshed and ready for your day, no matter what may arise. “Good skin requires less makeup,” she reminds us. Additionally, instead of applying concealer or foundation to your entire face and waiting for it to set before applying other products, she recommends only using it where really needed. “Keep most of your skin bare, but apply a little in your T-zone and blend out to reduce shine in oil-prone zones. This works really well for frontal on-camera meetings,” she says. Additionally, applying a little highlighter goes a long way in achieving a fresh glow. Choose one a few shades lighter than your natural tone or bronzer, then apply it to your cheekbones and blend down to the apples of your cheeks.

Lip care is important too, especially at a time when so many of us are wearing masks or other face coverings to go out. A lip mask treatment at home helps with the dryness facial coverings may cause, as will wearing a long-lasting, hydrating and/or lip-conditioning balm under your mask. There are even tinted options for when you prefer a little color.

Tip Two: Guide the Gaze

“Play up your favorite facial feature,” April advises. In fact, she says it’s better to spend one minute accentuating the positive than two trying to eliminate or cover what you perceive as problem areas. In doing so, you bring the focus where you want it. For example, if your eyes feel a little puffy, draw attention upward by combing your brows, curling your lashes and/or applying a little eyeliner in the outer top corners of your eyes.

Additionally, adding subtle color to your eyes or cheeks provides an instant refresh. Plus, those are often the only parts of the face visible when we’re out. When considering colors for your fall makeup, April notes that eye shadows in shades of amethyst work really well with the berry and wine tones of our September collection and can also act as an elevated neutral with almost any color.

Tip Three: Keep it Simple

“The key to a 5-minute face is a little organization in your makeup bag,” April says. She suggests having a compact that contains your favorite eye, lip and cheek options so you have everything in one place. She also notes that you can purchase customizable ones and fill them with the products of your choosing. You can save even more time by using one brush for almost everything instead of switching between multiple brushes. “First apply powdered bronzer on your cheeks. Then swipe across your eyes, followed by a powdered or cream cheek color. You can use the same brush for all of it. Just remember to wash it frequently.”