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In Stitches: a Sweater Story

We love sweater weather. It’s one of our favorite things about fall because it gives us a chance to wear layers of various weights and textures and mix different prints, all while wrapping ourselves in softness. At J.Jill, we know the feel of a sweater is as important as the look, so we take care in selecting special yarns and using particular stitches for every style. From a new take on Fair Isle sweaters to updates on other classic styles in hillside-inspired tones, our current collection of soft sweaters for fall features luxurious yarns like silk, cashmere and washable merino wool. This may just be our best sweater season yet.

The Soft Luxury of Silk

Silk makes everything better, especially our fall women’s sweaters. It brings a touch of luxury to our everyday-and-everywhere styles. We love the supersoft, lightweight feel it adds to the jersey-knit blend of cotton, wool and rayon we use to make our relaxed V-neck pullover.

Pure Jill

The Comfort of Cotton and Cashmere

What happens when you mix the soft warmth and luxurious feel of cashmere with the comfort of cotton? You get covetable sweaters to live in all season. Our jersey-knit Pure Jill cotton & cashmere draped-front cardi is easy to dress up or down, so it looks great over any outfit. Plus, the blend of two natural fibers makes it feel like a hug from your best friend.

Washable Merino

We took one of the softest and most lightweight types of wool and made it washable. It’s what makes our Erica merino tunic not only easy to wear but also easier than ever to care for. The style’s garter stitch gives this merino wool sweater a subtle texture that looks great and feels incredible. We have no doubt that you’re going to love this style for many seasons to come.