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waffle knit A technique employed in knit goods to produce a series of square, waffle-like designs.

wale From the Anglo Saxon word walu, meaning "to flair with stripes." A wale is one of a series of ribs or cords along the length of woven corduroy. The number of wales per inch determines the look of the fabric—wider wales are more common for jackets and tops. J. Jill tumble corduroy jackets are 6 wale. Finer wales are more common for pants—our cottage cords are 11 wale, and our pigment cord tried & true jeans are 18 wale. The wale count per inch can vary from 1.5 to 21. Traditionally, wider wales were stiffer and heavier than pinwales. Today’s fabric weaving and washing technology does away with stiff cord. J. Jill has soft, comfortable and wearable corduroy in various wale widths.

wash After sewing, some jeans are put through a "wash" to create a desired look. Denim comes in a host of different washes: stone wash, sand wash, acid wash, indigo wash, tinted rinse wash, antique wash and dirty wash. All are specifically designed to distress, fade or darken color or soften the fabric. In combination with blasting and abrasion, a wash helps to create a unique look in a pair of jeans.

washable wool jersey A very fine, choice fiber combed from the fleece. It also has been through a repeated wash process for ease of care.

washed linen A medium-weight, imported linen with a soft, washed finish. Linen has exceptional strength and moisture-absorption properties that make it a perfect fiber for a humid summer day, and the gracefully rumpled look lends an air of casual sophistication.

water resistant This type of fabric will act as a shell and keep light moisture at bay. It differs from waterproof because it cannot withstand total immersion.

Wearever A twenty-first-century jersey, it’s a supple, soft and silky blend of rayon and Lycra® spandex. A favorite fabric with air travelers, you can pack it in a bag and go or wear it on a plane for eight hours and still look great. No pressing required.

whiskering Whiskering is a technique applied to denim that mimics the subtle creases around the upper thigh that takes years of wearing to achieve. The hand-done detailing helps create a slimming effect on the hips and thighs by drawing the eye downward. It also adds to a garment’s cost.

whisper crepe The J. Jill name for the lightweight crepe surface rayon we often use for skirts, pants and shirts. Ultralight rayon yarns are specially twisted and woven to create a soft crepe texture. The fabric has exceptional drape and flow. Our whisper crepe is washable unless otherwise noted.