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re : crafted created imagined Our "re : create" pieces are not recycled; they are new pieces inspired by vintage designs. Each piece, whether it’s a bag, a jacket, or a sweater, is treated with a unique and distinctive style of embellishment. Each style is numbered to indicate when it was issued. The re : create series began in August 2005 with numbers 13 and 14. New styles will continue to be released in 2006. Each piece is made in a limited-production run and will not be reissued. They are collectible as unique, creative expressions of style.

resin A popular synthetic with the vintage feel of Bakelite, a revolutionary, non-flammable, early plastic. "The material of a thousand uses," as it was called, made a splash in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. Bakelite is now treasured for its unique beauty. Resin is a modern synthetic material that can be cast, carved, molded, colored and shaped much like sculpture. It has the lovely look of vintage Bakelite but is much more durable and malleable. The range of color that literally deepens over time is breathtaking. Its depth of artistic possibilities makes this substance a popular medium to work in.

ribbed velour A soft combination of cotton, nylon and spandex. The definition of versatility: curl-up-at-home friendliness and pack-it-and-go spontaneity. At home in the world, wherever you choose to be.

rickrack A flat-woven, cotton or polyester mixed braid in a zigzag form. It is used as trim on a multitude of women’s and children’s garments in a variety of different widths.

ruby quartz Ruby quartz is a synthetic or glass quartz that is infused with the color red. It is also known as flexper.

rustic cotton A cotton fabric that is woven with an irregular surface. Thicker, untwisted bunches of yarn woven into the fabric at random intervals give the fabric a textured, unique characteristic and a natural appearance.

rutilated quartz A semiprecious stone found in Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and the United States. This form of quartz is known as "rutilated" because thin, needle-like inclusions of titanium form inside the quartz, giving it a unique appearance. It looks like small bars of imbedded gold. It is said to bring forth each person’s strengths and originality. It is also rumored to slow down the aging process and act as a strong healer.