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lambskin A soft, supple leather from the skin of young sheep. It has a delicate, soft grain and a high shine.

laser-cut corduroy A style created by using a laser to cut a design or overall pattern into corduroy. An intense, narrow beam of laser light vaporizes the corduroy pile where it strikes. The lighter-colored base cloth of the cord is revealed, creating the pattern.

lightweight cozy yarn A lighter version of cozy yarn, with an equally soft hand but a less dense pile.

luster cord Corduroy is a fabric in which the pile has been cut or woven in stripes, called cords or wales, that run the length of the cloth. "Luster" refers to the fabric’s surface sheen coupled with an ultrasoft hand.

luster satin A silky-soft rayon satin highlighted with a subtle romantic luster and a smooth, elegant touch.

Lycra® spandex Lycra® is a registered trade name owned by DuPont for their specific brand of spandex fibers and fabrics. This resilient spandex is crafted to move when you do. It keeps pace with your day, your life—wherever it takes you.

lyocell A manufactured fiber made of regenerated cellulose (plant fiber). Lyocell has a similar hand and drape to rayon, but is stronger and more durable. It has a subtle luster and takes color well, and has good wrinkle-resistant qualities. It also absorbs moisture well.