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garment dyed Having dyed a complete garment after construction. This imparts more saturated color that will wash down over time.

glass bead Whether colored or clear, glass beads add a luminescent quality to the surface of a fabric and can be applied in a pictorial or abstract pattern. They are often comprised of differing types of hard surfaces such as crystal, plastic or actual glass. The care label of a garment will generally indicate whether or not special care is required for laundering items decorated with glass beads.

"glass" crinkle silk Silk that is given an overall crinkled or pleated effect through chemical application or mechanical means. Its crinkle is maintained by twisting and knotting the garment before storing it in a cool, dry place. Hand or gentle machine washing is recommended.

Glen plaid A woven design for worsted suiting that is named after Glen Urquhart, the Scottish valley of Invernessshire. It is a houndstooth pattern (a trapezoidal shape) that marries woven-in horizontal and vertical lines (with light contrasting color) to create an overplaid. The Glen plaid was first used in the 1800s by the Countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers. It later gained popularity for use in traditional men’s jackets and suits for the adventure-seeking set. Prince of Wales check (fine-colored overchecks on a Glen Urquhart plaid) is a version made famous by the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and should make you feel regal whatever your social circles. Today, wonderfully feminine variations soften up the classic.

gossamer rayon A fine, semi-sheer rayon from Japan with a crinkly texture. A heat process is used to set the crinkles into this ultralight fabric. Gossamer rayon is washable unless otherwise noted.