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facet Planes cut into gemstones to enhance their light reflection properties. More facets = more brilliance = more desirable.

faux astrakhan (also known as faux Persian lamb) Faux is the French word for "fake." Genuine astrakhan was originally the skin of very young lambs from Astrakhan, Russia, from which muffs, collars and coats were made. Beginning in the late 1800s, an imitation of this fur using wool or silk with cotton was used. Today, polyester and other man-made fibers are used. A dictionary of fabric terms from 1923 states, "Faux astrakhan is a woolen or silk material of considerable warmth having a long, closely curled pile that imitates the fur of the real astrakhan lamb."

faux fur Imitation or fake fur generally made from a nonorganic fabric that’s processed in such a way to create a similar appearance to genuine animal fur.

faux shearling An imitation of the genuine (shearling) article. Shearling is the skin and wool of a year-old sheep (that has been sheared once) or a newly sheared sheep or lamb. It is removed and then tanned.

felt A nonwoven fabric made by compressing wool and hair fibers with heat and steam into sheet form. There are no adhesives used in the process. Some felt is left hard and smooth; others are napped to give a softer hand.

fleece A synthetic knit fabric that has pile on one or both sides.