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damask Fabric that has been woven on a jacquard (see Jacquard) loom with floral or geometric prints. A damask pattern is recognizable by its contrasting luster and reversibility. It is similar to brocade but has a flatter surface texture.

delavé Delavé is a French term that literally means "to wash." It is achieved by dyeing one strand of yarn for a high-low effect when woven. Light and dark color variations appear within the finished fabric.

denim Two pure cotton yarns, one colored and one white, are woven together to create a sturdy fabric most commonly used for jeans, jackets and skirts. Genuine color from indigo plants are extracted and used to dye or color the fabric a deep blue color. The faded blue shades are created through special washing and sanding processes.

denim washes We work with experts from around the world to achieve just the right color, shade and tone. And we delight in the small details by finishing our jeans with the human touch, adding hand blasting and whiskering for skin-loving softness and flattery.

authentic wash Washed and blasted for a well-worn, broken-in look from the first wearing.
Berkeley wash Denim imbued with dark indigo dye. The fabric is then softened with washing. The blue color takes on a more vintage-aged appearance and is more dressy and flattering.
black denim This is black denim with a white weft to give an almost charcoal appearance. The look is further updated with hand-whiskering details to give it the same qualities as the faded wash.
Brimfield wash A hand-finishing technique that distresses areas of this pure cotton denim, notably the pockets, waistband and hem of the jeans. This wash also incorporates the sandblasting technique beforehand. It’s very soft, updated and intentionally frayed.
Cambridge wash It’s a sandblasted effect in a darker indigo with whiskering details. It is closest to the Berkeley wash, but with a cleaner, bluer look.
faded wash This finish is washed and bleached to remove the majority of the indigo, creating a well-worn look that’s great with spring’s colors and prints.
ink wash This is a striated denim (textured raised yarns that are thicker than regular denim yarns with a slightly coarser hand). A fashionable addition with textured interest that increases as it fades.

dobby Any fabric with small, geometric patterns woven into it. Considered a less intricate version of jacquard (see Jacquard). The term takes its name from a "dobby" attachment placed on the loom during weaving.