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baby terry A blanket-soft blend of cotton and polyester. The perfect companion for beach strolls, busy days and cuddling with kids.

bamboo A cellulose fiber harvested without chemical additives from a sustainable crop.

bangle watch More decorative than a plain bangle, more versatile than an ordinary watch, the bangle watch is much like a bracelet that can be mixed and matched and layered to suit mood or outfit.

baroque pearl Since ancient times, the pearl has been a symbol of unblemished perfection. Its warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence has made it one of the most highly prized and sought-after gems. There are many different types of pearls, both real and faux. With real pearls, the larger and rounder, the better. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped globes, often with a luster to rival the large, round variety. Baroque refers to an artistic style, common in the 17th century, and characterized by complex and curved lines. In jewelry, the term is used for irregular or unusual shapes.

base metal The starting point for jewelry. Pieces that are not entirely pure gold or silver are generally mixed with base metals. A good example is gold vermeil—14k or 18k gold, coated onto sterling silver. Base metal is not precious, so it is less expensive than either sterling silver or gold.

Battenberg lace A chunkier type of lace made by forming patterns with a flat linen braid or tape and connecting the shapes with thread crochet. Patterns may be floral, geometric, circular or oval in shape. In addition to its use as trim for apparel, it also frequents tablecloths, linens, towels and doilies, typically in a white or ivory palette.

beaded fringe An ornamental trim used since medieval times, consisting of loose strands of thread, yarn, beads or other decorative elements, fastened to a band at the edge of a fabric.

beadwork An embroidery term for the partial and allover application of beading on apparel and accessories.

bi-stretch A fine blend of polyester, rayon and spandex that is woven in a way that allows the fabric to stretch in both a horizontal and vertical direction (referred to as two-way stretch). It has nonclingy properties, is soft next to the skin and is machine- washable.

blasting Blasting is one of the final processes where a jean is hand finished with a heavy spray of sand, air or water to help break down the surface of the denim. This usually occurs in areas where a jean will naturally wear over time, such as the seat and knees.

boiled wool/felted wool A wool or wool-blend fabric, woven or knitted, that has been given a coarse, crepe texture by heavy felting or by placing in a high-temperature bath. The result is a warm, comfortable fabric without the bulk coupled with water and soil-resistant properties.

burnout (also known as devoré: pronounced dee-voor-ray) The process of printing a design with chemicals on fabric woven of paired yarns of two different fibers. One kind of yarn from the printed design is burned out or destroyed. This process is frequently applied to velvet.